The Ministry plans to close several state-owned mines to increase coal production

Минэнергоугля планирует закрыть несколько государственных шахт и увеличить добычу угля

Igor Nasalik

The Ministry plans to reduce the number of mines from 33 to 26, to increase coal production through modernisation. This was stated by Minister of energy Igor Nasalik during the round table “Topical issues of the coal industry of Ukraine: reforms, funding and safety”, the press service of the Ministry on the page in Facebook.

So, plans to close 7 state-owned mines to increase coal production from 5.8 million tons to 8.7 million.

“This result will be achieved thanks to the modernization, technical re-equipment of mines and the introduction of a new love. For these purposes this year it is budgeted 800 million hryvnia, provided 1 billion UAH of credit funds under state guarantees”, – stated in the message.

The Minister Nasalik also noted that the priority remains the creation of appropriate and safe working conditions of miners, their provision with means of individual protection.

We will remind, earlier the Minister of energy and coal policy Igor Nasalik said that the government owed the miners “lisichanskugol” 110 million UAH, more debts to miners state-owned enterprises no.

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