The mirror leaves a position in the Ministry of foreign Affairs

Зеркаль покидает должность в МИД

Deputy foreign Minister Elena zerkal

This week Terekli fulfill his last task – a procedural hearing in the Hague under the new arbitration with the Russian Federation.

Deputy foreign Minister Olena zerkal has announced its intention to leave the position in the Ministry of foreign Affairs that he had planned to do for a long time. The diplomat told the program That’s how it is on channel 24.

“This week I will perform his last job will hold a procedural hearing in the Hague for a new arbitration, which relates to our war ships, which were detained a year ago and was held by Russia, and our sailors. And, as I promised…” – said zerkal.

This decision, she explains not only the desire to take a break, but other causes.

The leader asked the diplomat if she wishes to remain in the Ministry of foreign Affairs as part of the system, which can resist against Russia.

“I can’t resist, being a diplomat within the Ministry of foreign Affairs, which fulfills the President’s decision,” – said zerkal.

She recalled that she was offered a position in the Office of the President, but she had not seen in the structure.

Recall, Russian border guards attacked and captured three Ukrainian vessel – armored and Nikopol, Berdyansk, as well as tugs Jana tray – 25 November 2018. The crew of the ships seized, accused of illegal border crossing and arrested.

Russia returned to them after nearly a year. While the Kremlin has stressed that it is not in the execution of the decision of the international court of justice.


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