The missile defense system in Poland will not pose a threat to Russia, foreign Minister

Система ПРО в Польше не будет представлять угрозу для России, - глава МИД

Missile defense system (ABM) in Poland has nothing to the security of the Russian Federation (RF), and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin should know better. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski said in an interview with “Polish press Agency”, reports “Polish radio”.

Commenting on the words of the Russian leader that Moscow will be forced to act to minimize the threat that supposedly is the installation of a missile defense system in Romania and Poland, the head of the Polish foreign Ministry stressed that this system should protect Europe from missile attacks from the Middle East.

“The military presence of the Americans and the multinational NATO units is, however, a just response to aggressive behavior and bullying us by the Russian authorities. It will be the presence of a defensive nature that will not pose a threat to Russia,” – said Waszczykowski.

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The Minister agreed with the assessment that relations between Poland and Russia are in a state of waiting. According to the politician, the key to improving these relations lay in Moscow and, if the Russian side wants to “return to a normal situation, must first correct its behavior, its position on Ukraine.

The head of the Polish foreign Ministry also said that Warsaw is taking measures for the abolition of visas or the visa liberalization for the citizens of Georgia and Ukraine. A particular obstacle is the fact that Europe comes to a huge number of refugees and immigrants and there is no political climate to implement the commitments. However, according to Waszczykowski, Poland still, in the case of visas has a very liberal attitude to the two Eastern partnership countries – Belarus and Ukraine. So, last year issued more than 400 thousand visas to Belarusians and more than 900 thousand visas to Ukrainians. It is noted that the last number is almost a half of all visas issued by the countries of the European Union.

Recall, may 12 first base defense in Eastern Europe was open in Romania, at the site of the old air force base Deveselu”. The representative of the Ministry of defence to NATO, Robert bell before the opening said that the deployed missile defense system “is not directed against Russia.” “The Iranians are increasing their capabilities, and we should be ahead”, – he explained.

In turn, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian authorities will be forced to think about stopping threats to national security after the opening of the ground base American missile defense in Romania.