The moment of truth for trump. Elections in the U.S. Congress

Момент истины для Трампа. Выборы в Конгресс США

In the midterm elections in the United States will completely re-elect the lower house of Congress – 435 members of the house of representatives and 35 senators and 36 governors.

In the US elections. Republicans and Democrats fight for majority seats in Congress. The outcome of the vote depends on what will the next two years of the presidency of Donald trump. In fact, it is as a test for the incumbent, the vote of confidence, the results of his two-year reign.

So trump is nervous and remembers all of his campaign promises. To contain hungry and sick migrants sends to the borders of the military contingent, in excess of their number of American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Said the abolition of the so-called “law of the land” – available to all born in the U.S. infants, U.S. citizenship. And of course, harshly criticized the opponents – Democrats. understand what to expect from the us elections, which, incidentally, has already started.

The main themes of the election

In recent weeks, major news American TV channels was the story of “caravan of migrants”, which is slowly moving from Central America to the southern borders of the United States. A column of many thousands of people from Spanish-speaking Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador joined together to get across the U.S. border and ask for asylum. Many of them are traveling with their families, together with children.

Trump announced that he would consider the passage of the caravan across the border “invasion USA” and sent to the South division of the American army.

Democrats continue to promise “economy for people” and Republicans scare the audience “socialist” sentiments of opponents.

The outcome of the expression will give an answer: who exactly support the most weight US citizens – supporters of the tax cuts, the expulsion of immigrants and the construction of a wall with Mexico, or fighters for the rights of women and sexual minorities, opponents of mass deportations and the adepts of control over the circulation of firearms.


According to research company SSRS, commissioned by CNN, the Democrats are going to vote 55% of voters. The gap with Republicans more than 10% – to support the party of President Donald trump ready 42% of respondents. Moreover, according to the SSRS, the trump approve of only 39%, and 55% of respondents are dissatisfied with it.

In most States, the gap between the rival candidates is a couple of percent, the survey showed the New York Times. Analytical Department of the New York Times, based on polls, predicts the change of the majority in the House of representatives, now in both chambers of the majority controlled by the Republicans.

Although, there are predictions that the party of trump, still the majority.


One of probable variants of development of events – the Democrats get a majority in the house of representatives, Republicans retain the Senate.

With this combination, at the White house there are inevitable difficulties with the adoption of legislative initiatives which would require the approval of both houses of Parliament.

The Democrats will be able to block held the trump reform (in particular, in the sphere of taxes, migration and health systems), and also influence the signing of international treaties.

The Washington Post does not exclude that the revenge of the Democrats may lead to a number of subpoenas to administration officials, trump or even the beginning of his impeachment process.

The Ukrainian question

For Ukraine of the victory of one of the parties, nothing will change. Traditionally, it is common symbol: the Democrats more willing to compromise with the Russians, Republicans are “the party of hawks”. But in recent years this balance has changed. The support of both parties, and Democrats are now even more critical toward Russia than the Republicans.

In case of victory of the Democrats in the House of representatives of the “Russian investigation” will be the main theme for her, said an expert at the Brookings institution, Professor Alin Polyakov, comments the BBC.

Interesting facts

For the first time in the history of Arizona for the seat of Senator fighting women: Republican Martha Maccalli (the first pilot, sent to the combat zone to the East after the terrorist attack of September 11), and Democrat Kirsten Sinema (the only member of Congress who declared their atheism).

State of Georgia can lead the Democrat Stacey Abrams – and become the first African-American female Governor, and Vermont – Democrat Christine Hallquist, which is a transgender.

Also in the States came up with an interesting method of attracting young people to the polls. Young people rarely go to the polls. But not in Wisconsin at this time. There will be held simultaneously with the elections Advisory referendum on the legalization of marijuana.

Today, 9 of the 50 States allow the “recreational consumption” of marijuana and its cultivation without the purpose of sale. In 22 States, its purchase and application is permitted only for medical reasons with a prescription from a doctor.