The most dynamic online store of printing in Ukraine.

Самый динамичный Интернет-магазин полиграфии в Украине.

“Printing Online” is a very dynamic online store. The printing market sometimes lags behind changes leading resource Web-to-Print in Ukraine.

All for the customer

To increase the usability of the site is intended to change its structure. Now all items in “Printing Online” is structured in four main categories: “Business printing” (new), “Promotional”, “Souvenirs” (new), “large format printing” (new); is on the site and an additional category of “Miscellaneous”.

Previously this was not necessary, but with the advent of a range of “Printing Online” large format and promotional products online store sparkle with new faces, and the range of clients expanded by attracting new target audiences.
From the conceptual innovations of note implemented in the website “Search”. Now clients of “Printing Online” can more easily find and order the products of their interest categories.

In fact, more versed in the order of printing, the client would rather prefer to study the content of the categories and select the desired item. Less “savvy” user will use “Search”.

Range becomes wider

A precondition for the introduction of the option “Search” and structured by the categories became permanently working to add new products.

The site menu now looks more compact and stylish.

In the segment of “Business of printing” in addition to the traditional range of the section “Promotional materials” (business cards, leaflets, flyers) are presented and “Calendar grid”, so popular on new year’s eve. There appeared such a position as “stickers and blocks for records.”

Самый динамичный Интернет-магазин полиграфии в Украине.



Самый динамичный Интернет-магазин полиграфии в Украине.



In the segment of “Souvenirs” along with postcards, stickers, signs, vinyl magnets, flash drives, lighters there was a category of “Souvenirs Wolf”. What is it?

Stylish VIP key chains, umbrellas, Orange handle premium Business Bags Eco!

Самый динамичный Интернет-магазин полиграфии в Украине.



The content of the category “large format printing” made two completely new product groups: “Stands and designs” (spiders, roll-UPS, press walls, pillars), “large format printing” (paper boxes, fabric banner – Frontlit, Backlit, banner cloth, canvas).

Самый динамичный Интернет-магазин полиграфии в Украине.



Adding new product categories is a bright step for increasing customer confidence and very timely!

“Calendar grid” is autumn motive at high printing season, and it is no coincidence this kind of product remains today one of the most in-demand “Printing Online”. But the choice of advertising structures of all-Ukrainian network Printing “wolf” — a real expert.

The category of “Souvenirs Wolf” is from the “Use what is at hand” — in the online store presents the most exquisite Souvenirs from that Printing house “wolf” books for themselves, and even with the symbols of the leading printing houses of Ukraine.

Interestingly, only appearing on the website, the products are new categories that are already in demand by users. Rapid response updates “Printing Online” find in the environment of advertising agencies.

In the category “other” there was an interesting thing – “Calculator small circulation”, which gives the customer the opportunity to relate their needs with the financial capacity, to monitor prices of the online store and make the right choice. Calculator correlated with most types of printing products, each of which indicates the format.

Самый динамичный Интернет-магазин полиграфии в Украине.



Also some changes were made to the color gamut of a website. To focus on products for “Online Printing” is now used more muted tones. Conducted additional work to improve the site speed.

The velvet paper is becoming more popular

Interestingly, announced on Rex Velvet paper slowly gaining recognition as “Printing Online”. Today you can order almost any type of promotional products using this material.And increasingly, clients in choosing the material for printing prefer Velvet paper.

In the framework of “discount Calendar” Printing house “wolf” has further spurred interest in Velvet paper – about New year cards and flyers will be printed with permanent discounts. Follow the news on the website !
Characterized by the fact that the print on Velvet paper today offers a range of printers, on a systematic basis, cooperating with “wolf”.

Another improvement

The empowerment of “Printing Online” and contributed the option of mechanical modifications to layouts customers. If the site for one reason or another does not pass a layout, the client can seek the assistance of designers of the printing house “wolf” and for extra money (45 UAH) to is adapted to print the layout.

Самый динамичный Интернет-магазин полиграфии в Украине.



The idea of professional validation as an alternative to automatic gleaned from leading global companies Web-to-Print Flyer Alarm.

When you load the layout the user a choice of automatic or manual validation. In case a professional inspection has the ability to identify technical defects that can be seen with regard to automatic: for example, parts of the image that are not translated into CMYK composite black.

The Printing house “wolf” emphasize that when placing financial orders intensive manual verification of the layout is needed to minimize the risk of marriage.

Brochure online!

In “Printing Online” has appeared an opportunity to order multi-page products. It was very difficult to implement, but in the Printing house “wolf” found a way out: multi-page products “consists” of “components” of products already presented in the online store. For example, a brochure on the bracket A5 is derived from leaflets of A4 format.

Самый динамичный Интернет-магазин полиграфии в Украине.



The price on the brochure, as in “combined circulation”, that is significantly cheaper than when ordering on the “analog” way. Accordingly, for printing of brochures employs exactly the same range of paper, and for printing of leaflets – with the possibility of applying hybrid printing or using the “Velvet paper”.

“Multi-page products in the “Online Printing” — nothing more than a meeting in the pack of existing products”, — stressed the head of the service Sergey Shulaev.

Recall that Advertising agencies and Corporate clients, having a “promotion Code” that gives right to a discount of 40% can enjoy multi-page products using the Manager with very significant discounts.

The choice between the circulations (where there is a restriction in terms of circulation and materials) and analog by placing an order (where freedom is more) printing house “wolf” leaves the customer :).