The most wealthy regions of Ukraine

Определены самые богатые регионы Украины

In the state statistics service estimated the GDP by regions

The largest size of GDP was recorded in Kiev. Next come the Poltava and Dnipropetrovsk region.

The average gross regional product in Ukraine in 2017 according to state statistics in the calculation of per person is 70.2 per thousand.

Real GDP per person in 2017 rose by 2.9%. Nominal GDP at current prices for the year 2017 is 2,983 billion.

With the largest GDP per capita was recorded in Kiev (238,6 thousand UAH), which is 3.4 times more than in the whole country (70.2 thousand UAH).

Followed by Poltava (106,2 thousand UAH), Dnipropetrovsk (97,1 thousand UAH) and Kyiv (UAH 90.0 thousand) region.

At the end of the list is Lugano (13.9 thousand UAH) oblast.

Определены самые богатые регионы Украины


Earlier it was reported that in Kiev to create a quarter of Ukraine’s GDP. The share of Kyiv in the country’s GDP in 2017 amounted to almost 24%.

Earlier, the state statistics service has estimated that the growth of the economy in 2018 accelerated to 3.3% from 2.5 in 2017 and broke the record for seven years.


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