The mother of Verka Serduchka: with Occasioi can afford

Мама Верки Сердючки: с УкрПозыкой могу себе позволить

Financial company “Ukrposta” is their new Ambassador, our permanent client and a person close to all Ukrainians – mother of Verka Serduchka!

They say that once on the shopping together with Verka she was so preoccupied with shopping that she was lost and did not notice that there was one without money. But mom is quickly oriented: it is the first link in Google came to the site Okbazghi, after a few minutes I got SMS of recharge and continue shopping.

That was the time when she said their signature – “what? Can afford!”, continuing purchase, for which you don’t have enough money. Later it became the slogan of the new advertising campaign, and the mother of Verka Serduchka with “Ukrposha” feels complete financial independence.

A striking difference Okbazghi from competitors in the market is that the company is truly public service. National microcredit “Ukrposta” provides cash assistance to Ukrainians at the right time. The service helps to be financially independent and get money for everything you need – quickly and in time.

By the way, any need to Finance when applying to Ukcasino really solved in 5 minutes and without fuss.

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With Occasioi you can afford everything!

License to carry out business activities for financial services, namely, provision of funds loaned, including in the conditions of the financial loan (disposal Natskomfinuslug from 06.08.2019 No. 1466).