The motor got second win in the Champions League

Мотор добыл вторую победу в Лиге чемпионов

Motor players celebrate a goal

Ukrainian handball club Motor beat the Portuguese sporting in the second round of the group stage of the Champions League.

Sunday, September 24, was the match of the second round of the group stage of the handball Champions League, in which the Portuguese sporting was adopted by the Ukrainian Motor.

Zaporizhia club dominated during the first half (11:15), and the second brought the score to devastating (23:31).

Sporting (Portugal) – Motor (Ukraine) 23:31 (11:15)

Sporting: Araujo (6), Nikcevic (4), Copco (3), Portela (2), Ruesga Pasarin (2), Borges (2), Carol Marzo (1), Tavares (1), Roja 1

Motor: Forty (6), Kozakevich (5), Malatinsky (4), Puhovski (3), Shelmenko (3), Paczkowski (3), Shevelev (3), Schinkel (3), Denisov (1)

Note that after two rounds of the Motor shares the first place in group D with French Montpellier, with whom the Cossacks will have to meet in the next match. The match will be held on October 1 in France (beginning at 18:00 Kyiv time).

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