The MP Polyakova wearing an electronic bracelet

На нардепа Полякова надели электронный браслет

Maxim Polyakov

The NAB believes that the Poles received a bribe for the registration of the draft law on the mining of amber.

The people’s Deputy, member of faction “people’s front” Maxim Polyakov wearing an electronic bracelet. This was announced by the Poles on his page in Facebook on Wednesday, August 23.

“It’s been a month and a half since the first attempts by the NAB to put me on an electronic bracelet. By trial and error, the fifth time, after ectenia all the comments of my lawyers, which taught the workers of the anti-corruption authority to act within the law forced them to comply with the procedures. I, as a law-abiding citizen, wore an electronic monitoring tool,” wrote the Poles.

На нардепа Полякова надели электронный браслет



Recall, 11 July, the Verkhovna Rada deprived Maksym Polyakov immunity. It together with the people’s Deputy Borislav Rosenblatt suspected of involvement in the so-called “amber case”.