The MP said: “the increase of travel to deputies”

Нардеп уточнил "увеличение командировочных депутатам"

Kirsch said “the increase in travel to the deputies”

The deputies on the amendment says nothing, says Alexander Kirsch.

The people’s Deputy Alexander Kirsch said that the media misinterpreted the amendment of his authorship on the amount of travel that took Pleased.

Earlier media wrote that the Board has increased the size allowance for MPs from 40 to 80 euros.

He noted that the deputies in the amendment does not say anything.

“Media published fake information that I have made the amendment on the increase of subsistence allowance for business trips abroad for members! This applies to ALL employees, not members. Of deputies in the amendment not a word!”, he said.

Recall the night Parliament adopted the state budget of Ukraine in 2017.