The MP took the donated Playground.

Нардеп забрал подаренную детскую площадку - соцсети

The MP from the popular front accused that he took the platform, which was presented before the election.

The villagers Volodkova Girl Chernihiv region claim that the MP from the popular front Alexander Kodola took a children’s Playground. He gave it to him before the election, says a local resident Alexander Albinski in Facebook.

The area he supposedly took after his force lost the elections to the local territorial community.

“In the Chernigov region there is a good village Volodkova Device (former Red Partisans). A large settlement, almost a town in the territory of which there is no normal Playground, and this one from the party people’s Front, who ran in this district, not just promised a new site, he even brought. Brought the swings, slide, sandbox and some other items were unloaded, and when she learned that there was election flying – downloaded everything back and drove away!”, – told Albinski.

He Kodola in comments Today, said that he had been a working situation, they want to politicize.

“My Deputy established 37 playgrounds throughout the district. With specific regard to Volochkovoj Girls really brought the site, but not the same configuration. Brought a little, and they have the program average. So not to worry after the Christmas holidays they will set the platform to which they are entitled. It was also in Nosovka last week. In school sports brought the Playground, and had sports. Also taken away and later brought the sport”, – said the MP.

In Kiev the drunk was shot on the Playground