The murder in Syria, the Russian pilot of su-24 Peshkova criminal case is brought, – the source

По факту убийства в Сирии российского летчика Су-24 Пешкова возбуждено уголовное дело, - источник

The murder in Syria, the Russian pilot of su-24 Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Peshkov criminal case, reports “Interfax” with reference to own source familiar with the situation.

“The results of the preliminary investigation the decision about excitation of criminal case under article “murder” in connection with the shooting of a Russian military pilot Oleg Peshkov”, – said the source publication.

According to him, in the framework of the case has already begun investigative and operational activities.

As earlier reported, law enforcement agencies of Turkey dropped the charges against Alpaslan Celik, who was suspected of involvement in the murder of the pilot of the Russian su-24 Peshkova.

The Prosecutor took the decision after studying video evidence.” Celik argued that he had not given the order to murder the Russians, but on the contrary asked not to shoot the pilot. The analysis of video recordings taken at the time of the death of Peshkov, confirmed this statement Celik.

Recall, 24 November, the Turkish air force shot down a Russian su-24 bomber. The plane crashed in the Syrian province of Latakia, where there was active fighting forces of the Syrian government and the rebels.

In turn, Turkey insisted that, according to their radars, the Russian aircraft at 4 km dug in the territory of the country. Moreover, the plane ten times in five minutes was warned that he violated the airspace, and then knocked. The same evening, the defense Ministry announced that killed one pilot – Oleg Peshkov. He was killed by shots from the ground after ejected from the downed aircraft.

Moscow blamed the incident on the Turkish leadership. Ankara has refused to apologize for downed aircraft and the death of the pilot. In the incident were suspended almost all trade and economic ties between the two countries.

March 31 Alparslan çelik was detained in Izmir, where he arrived together with friends. The detention was carried out due to the fact that earlier çelik said he had been responsible for the murder of Peshkov.