The murder Moskovskoy can be involved in six people – media

К убийству Ноздровской могут быть причастны еще шесть человек - СМИ

Irina Noskovskaya

At the moment, is examination of the traces which were discovered near the place where the body of Irina Mostovskoy was dumped in the river.

Except Yuri Rossoshanskiy, the investigation checks possible involvement of even more than six persons for the murder of lawyer Irina Mostovskoy. About this to Ukrainian news reported a source in law enforcement bodies.

The source said that the suspect handed, except for one person.

“Worked through more than 6 people. But the suspicion is awarded to only one person,” he said.

According to him, there is nothing surprising in the fact that in addition to the suspect Yuri Rossoshanskiy, worked through a number of likely involved.

The source also said that the continuing examination of the traces that were detected near the disposal site Mostovskoy in the river.

The results of the examination yet.

Yesterday it was reported that the court has left under arrest of the suspect.

As reported, the relatives of Irina Mostovskoy doubt that the arrested Yuri Rossoshanskiy to blame for the crime. This version is not credible daughter lost Anastasia Mostovskoy.

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