The murder of AquaWay: Osman seriously wounded in the leg

Убийство Окуевой: Осмаев тяжело ранен в ногу

The police at the place of execution the car with AquaWay and Osmaev

Threat to the life of the Chechen volunteer there.

Volunteer Chechen Adam Osmaev is in serious condition after the shooting, which killed his wife Amina Okueva. This was stated by MP from the Radical party Dmitry Linko, referring to doctors, reports 112 Ukraina

According to him, threat of life Osmayev no. “Osman seriously wounded in the leg. The doctors say that the danger to his life there, he was in serious condition,” – said the MP.

Earlier, his fellow party Igor Mosiychuk reported that Okueva was shot in the head.

The scene in Glevaha, left the head of national police Sergey Knyazev, in the Kiev region the plan Siren.

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