The murder of human rights activist Mostovskoy. The main thing

Убийство правозащитницы Ноздровской. Главное

The investigation is considering several versions of the murder Moskovskoy

On resonance the murder of Mostovskoy drew attention in Washington.

The body of human rights activist Irina Mostovskoy found on 1 January, three days after her disappearance.

The police does not exclude that the murder of human rights activist associated with the investigation of the death of sister. Noskowsky was investigating a traffic accident in 2015, her sister killed the nephew of the Chairman of the district court.

On the death of the lawyer drew attention in Washington. The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine and urged the Ukrainian authorities to bring to justice those responsible.

Корреспонден.net gathered important information about the resonant murder of human rights activist Mostovskoy.

The rugged body found in the river

The disappearance Moskovskoy relatives reported on 29 December. The human rights activist went missing on the way from Kiev to the village Demidov, where she lived.

Close Moskovskoy stated that she repeatedly received threats from relatives of the defendant.

January 1, MP Mustafa Nayem wrote in Facebook that on December 27 in the court in which the appeal was rejected lawyers Dmitry rossoshansky, his father said to Irina that she “aged badly”.

Irina Moskovskoy January 1, at noon in one of the rivers near the village of Demidov found a local resident and called the police.

It is reported that the woman had no clothes on – only a bra and jewelry.

“I rushed there and saw Irina lying on the ground completely naked, covered only by polyethylene. The hair is wet. Jaws clenched. The neck, head, and hands in the deep cuts. As if someone with a knife cut to pieces,” said the father of the murdered woman.

According to preliminary data examination, Noskovskaya died of multiple stab wounds.

As the head reported a press-service of national police of the Kiev region, Nikolai Zhukovich, according to the examination to exclude the possibility of rape.

“Version of rape is no longer as the examination showed, that it was not. On her body found stab wounds on the neck and on the chin. We are talking about violent death. At the moment the final results of SME. According to the preliminary version, she died not from drowning but from the infliction of stab wounds,” said Zhukovich.

The chief of police of Kiev region Dmitry coens said that the death occurred two or three days before the body was found.


Case Rossoshanskiy

The accident, which killed Irina’s sister Mostovskoy, occurred on September 30, 2015. 26-year-old Svetlana Zapadinsky was hit by a car in the village of Demidovo, Vyshgorodskiy district, Kyiv region.

Behind the wheel was Dmitry rossoshansky – the nephew of the Chairman of the district court. The examination revealed blood Rossoshanskiy traces of drugs.

After a fatal accident the driver was not arrested and was released under house arrest. In may 2017, Dmitry rossoshansky was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Убийство правозащитницы Ноздровской. Главное
Sister of the killed Svetlana with her son

Last summer Noskovskaya said in an interview that she had to leave work for the sake of the investigation into the death of his sister.

She had to talk with witnesses, to persuade them to testify and at their own expense to order a further examination and expert consultation.

Media noted that drugs Rossoshanskiy not been documented, and the husband of the deceased “for some reason,” wrote a statement renouncing claims against the driver that hit his wife.


Murder Moskovskoy

The consequence considers three main versions of the murder Moskovskoy – professional activity, disorderly conduct and connection with the case rossoshanskaya.

The chief of police of the Kiev region said on 3 January that the investigation into the murder of lawyer Irina Moskovskoy there are some changes. However, the suspects yet.

“There are already some changes that we are dealing with… have Installed the latest hours of his life Irene. Some details are not yet established, I think, for the future will work”, – quotes the price of TSN.

Initially, the police considered the main version of the murder of “personal reasons”, so detained ex-fiancé Moskovskoy Vitaly Sergeev. He was sent for a polygraph, but the version about his involvement in the murder is not yet confirmed.

Close Razdorskiy believe that the murder was family Rossoshanskaya.

The daughter of human rights activist Anastasia told the media that from Dmitry rossoshansky and his “fellow addicts” often received death threats.

Country, citing anonymous police sources says that Rossoshanskiy no motive for murder

“He falls under the Amnesty law’s condition. He has cirrhosis and hepatitis C. After consideration of his case in the court of first instance, he is likely to agree to serve the full sentence – eight years. After which it will release under the Amnesty”, – explained the source.

Note that the professional activity of Irina Moskovskoy not limited to family quarrels. Among other things, she worked with well-known politicians.

“Ira was an incredibly talented and active person. With me, she participated in the liberation fighters of a battalion Aydar. Engaged in corrupt investigations at the time of tendering for government contracts,” says lawyer Andrew Hominy.

On behalf of the Ministry of interior Natspolitsiya will create a coordinating headquarters for the disclosure of the murder Mostovskoy.


The Reaction Of The West

2 January in Kiev took place the demonstration in connection with the murder Mostovskoy. About 250 people, including journalists, lawyers and bloggers, came to the building of the Main Directorate of police of Kiev region and demanded to find the killers of human rights defenders and to dismiss the head of the Department.

To punish the perpetrators of the murder Mostovskoy also called on the us authorities.

“Shocked and upset at the death of the activist Irina Mostovskoy. We extend our deepest condolences to her family and friends. The perpetrators must be brought to justice”, – stated in the message of the U.S. Embassy in Twitter.

Убийство правозащитницы Ноздровской. Главное
Demonstration for the assassination Moskovskoy / EPA

A sharp statement was made on Twitter and one of the initiators of the “Magnitsky list” in the United States and Canada known British financier and investor William Browder.

“All those involved in this terrible atrocity, should feel the full force of the law. Otherwise, they and those who cover them, may face sanctions on the “Magnitsky list” in the West,” wrote Browder shortly after news about the murder.