The murder Sheremet involved in Russia − interior Ministry

К убийству Шеремета причастна Россия − МВД

The Department stated that most evidence point to the Russian trace in the death of the journalist.

The Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Trojan affirmed earlier interior Minister Arsen Avakov version of the Russian trace in the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet, reports

Recall, Sheremet died 20 July 2016 in the explosion of his car in the center of Kiev. The Prosecutor’s office the death of a journalist called murder.

“The Minister is right that we have one of the key versions, and most evidence indicates that there is a Russian trace,” said Trojan.

The Deputy Minister pointed out that in case you confirm the version about the involvement of Russia in murder Sheremet, the investigation will be viewed as a motive professional activity of the journalist.

“Because he was in opposition to the Russian President and even Belarusian. That is, such things won’t be excluded,” added Trojan.

He also noted that the security Service of Ukraine did not want to lead the investigation into the murder Sheremet, though, according to him, the SBU had to do it from the beginning, since the police and security service do not synchronize their actions, which greatly hampered the progress of the case.

Earlier edition of the investigations of Hromadske international network of OCCRP have the investigation of the murder Sheremet.

The national police promised to involve the investigation of the media to the materials of the criminal case.

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