The NAB is investigating the case for 37 senior officials

НАБУ расследует дела по 37 высшим чиновникам

Building NABOO

Reported suspicions three officials from the highest echelons of power.

National anti-corruption Bureau as of June 30, opened criminal proceedings for 37 senior officials of the country. This Ukrainian Pravda reported, without specifying which articles of the open case.

As specified in the NEB, against civil servants and officials of local self-government of category “A” opened 23 criminal proceedings. Against the administration of law enforcement and controlling bodies – 8, senior officers of the APU, the SBU, machardie, state border service and other military formations – 5, management of state-owned enterprises – 77, judges and 38 prosecutors – 32.

Two suspicious transaction reports filed against top officials, 4 against public servants and officials of local self-government of category “A”, 1 – head of law enforcement or controlling bodies, 2 – person high-ranking officers, 36 – heads of state enterprises, 17 judges and 13 prosecutors.

In addition, the employees of the NABU was announced about suspicion of 3 senior officials (two made up indictments), 7 folk and other MPs (5 amounted to indictments), 16 judges (9 indictments), 18 officials of the security agencies (17 indictments) and one police with the preparation of the indictment.

We will remind, as of July 31, detectives NAB to carry out the investigation 389 criminal proceedings with crimes subject to more than 87 billion.