The NAB is investigating the collusion approval scheme Rotterdam+

НАБУ расследует сговор для утверждения схемы Роттердам+

According to investigators, the actions of officials led to economically unjustified increase in the price of electricity.

National anti-corruption Bureau (NAB) suspects the head of the National energy regulatory Commission (NKREKU) in collusion with power generation companies in approving the formula for determining the wholesale price of electricity, which is known as Rotterdam+, writes Лига.net.

This information is contained in the definitions of Solomyansky district court of Kyiv from July 10.

NABU filed a number of motions in which he asked to allow detectives to Bank documents Tsentrenergo and Dniproenergo to check the validity of the adoption of the Rotterdam formula+.

Pre-trial investigation established that the Chairman and members of the national Commission, using his official position, acted in the interests of generating companies, with the aim of creating conditions for them to gain windfall profits.

“In January-March 2016 in developing the order of formation of the wholesale market price (Rotterdam+) ensured the inclusion of clearly unwarranted formulas, which increased the cost of coal. Thus, they have created all the necessary conditions for the growth of sales price of electric energy in the wholesale market”, – is spoken in court definition.

The court rejected all the petitions of NABOO.

Recall that in March 2016 the national Commission approved the new methodology for determining the wholesale market price for electricity. This is the price at which the TPP sell electricity to the market. In it, in particular, takes account of the price of coal.

According to this method, the cost of coal production coal-thermal power generation is calculated according to the formula “cost of coal in the port of Rotterdam + the cost of delivery to Ukraine”.