The NAB must stop to falsify the case and serve the interests of the group of political speculators – people’s front

One of the most radical and important reforms in the fight against corruption – work NABOO was under threat due to the loss of that body’s independence. This is stated in the statement of the faction “popular Front” in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

“Instead of professional anti-corruption Bureau, which would be guided by legislation, principles of objectivity and its independent status, we unfortunately see an annoying profanity, which led to the privatization and control of NABOO from the side of one political group. So NABOO did not want to investigate the “apartment Scam” MP Leshchenko and even more – in fact, he defended the obvious corruption of this Deputy, who for several months discussing the whole country”, – noted in “NF”.

“However, it became known that NABOO beginning at a heightened pace to falsify a case against our colleague Mykola Martynenko. This selectivity Bureau is not accidental. For promotion of this theme from the NABOO are the actual head of the NABOO and other Saakashvili Gizo Uglava, Serhiy Leshchenko, David Sakvarelidze and Saakashvili himself. This company also viewed the odious Russian oligarch Konstantin Grigorishin,” – said in a statement.

In the popular front claim that the public prosecution of Mykola Martynenko allegedly committing criminal offences from the very beginning was of a political nature. “No, “the case Martynenko” does not legally exist – it had to admit to the NEB. There are only political and PR game guide NABOO and their friends and patrons. For the year of the so-called “investigation” by N. Martynenko in the legal field gave nothing. Dozens of searches with “masks-show” with the defeat of the premises and the use of force to lawyers, hundreds of interrogations, threats, dozens of foreign trips and queries – the output is zero” – reminiscent of the people’s deputies-“veterans”.

“Now urgently falsified charges against Mykola Martynenko, under any pretext, to serve him with suspicion. Also, grouping, Saakashvili-Uglava-Sakvarelidze-Leshchenko comes up with fake reasons other representatives of “NF”. Fabricated cases against their political opponents they are going to use in the political struggle”, – said in a statement.

On 30 November a year has passed since then, as the MP Martynenko voluntarily resigned the parliamentary mandate. His action was unprecedented in the history of Ukrainian parliamentarism. Our colleague himself renounced parliamentary immunity, to stop political speculations around fake accusations. Mykola Martynenko defended his honor, dignity and business reputation, as an ordinary citizen. But his detractors continue to hide behind Deputy’s mandate.

“We appeal to the honest workers of NABOO with a call to resist pressure from Saakashvili, Grigorishin, Leshchenko that try to enter for the Bureau of band management to perform their tasks. It is beneath your professional dignity. And those leaders of NABOO, who consider the team a small group of adventurers is more important than professional duty, even today resign and leave the agitators from the party Saakashvili,” – said “NF”.