The NAB released the results of the investigation by Omelyan

НАБУ обнародовало результаты следствия по Омеляну

In the NEB confirmed that it has completed the investigation of the case against Omelyana

In the NEB report that the official acquired the property assets, the legal basis of which is not supported by evidence.

In the NEB report that in 2015 the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan acquired assets, the legal basis of which is not supported by evidence and the value of which exceeds his legitimate income. On Tuesday, November 6, reported on the Agency’s website.

So, we are talking about the new SUV BMW X5 2015 release and cash in the amount of 90 thousand US dollars and 25 million euros.

“The total value of such assets at that time amounted to 230 4 500 UAH”, – stated in the message.

Also in the NEB noted that the Omelyan was inaccurate information in the Declaration of the persons authorized to perform state functions and local self-government.

“E-Declaration for the 2015 value of the undeclared Minister of assets that are owned or used, and costs were at least 3,034 million UAH, in 2016 – more than 8,024 million UAH”, – reported in NABOO.



Earlier it was reported that NABU and SAP has completed the investigation against Omelyana.

NABU showed scandalous “correspondence Omelyana”


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