The NAB said the illegal enrichment Omelyana

НАБУ заявило о незаконном обогащении Омеляна

The Omelyan reported suspicion of illicit enrichment

Bureau of 2017 led the investigation of the facts of illegal enrichment of the Minister of infrastructure.

Detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau informed the Minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan of suspicion of illicit enrichment and failure to declare. About it reports a press-service of NABU on Thursday, September 13.

According to the investigation, the Minister in the period from 1.01.2000 on 26.04.2018 received 2.17 million UAH official income, whereas the cost it was only in the period From 2008 to 26.04.2015 at least a 3.45 UAH.

In the NAB found that in 2015, held the position of Deputy Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine, the official purchased assets, the legality of the grounds which are not supported by evidence and the cost of which significantly exceeds his lawful income.

We are talking about new SUV BMW X5 2015 release and cash in the amount of 90 thousand dollars. and 25 million euros. The total value of such assets at that time amounted to 4.23 million UAH.

In addition, the investigation revealed facts of making by the Minister of infrastructure of false information in the Declaration. So, in an electronic Declaration of 2015 the value of the undeclared Minister asset owned or used, and costs were at least 3,034 million UAH, in 2016 – more than 8,024 million.

НАБУ заявило о незаконном обогащении Омеляна

It is noted that the returns for both years, the official intentionally does not have information about the SUV BMW X5, the actual owner of which he is, and which was in his possession and use. Not reflected in the electronic Declaration 2015 the cost of renting the house in which actually lived, the Minister and members of his family. A year later, Omeljan had not declared the fact of permanent use in 2016, another country house and the land.

In addition, the Minister submitted false information about the cost of Volvo S80 2007 release, acquired in 2016.

Now the question on election to the suspect of a preventive measure.

The investigation of illicit enrichment Omelyana detectives NABOO began in may 2017.

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