The name day of Olga: what a special day

Именины Ольги: чем особенный праздник

The feast of Saint Olga 2018

How to celebrate the Day by Olga on July 24, the history and traditions of the holiday. What should not be done to women on the day of the Saint Olga?

Olga’s day is celebrated on 24 July

Today Day celebrate the women named Olga. The holiday was established on July 24, the day of the death of Princess Olga, the wife of Kiev Prince Igor. She is known in history as the ruler trick of winning the Drevlyans in 945 and took over the management of the Grand Duchy after the death of her husband.

In religious circles, Olga is revered as one of those who promoted the Christian faith in pagan Russia. The Princess converted to Christianity (called Helen) long before the grandson of the great Prince Vladimir baptized Rus.

The ruler tried to convert to the Christian faith of his subjects, that was built in the Principality of Orthodox temples and destroying pagan symbols. It Olga of Kiev obliged the emergence of the greatest shrines of the St. Sophia Cathedral.

Именины Ольги: чем особенный праздник

The day of St. Olga 2018: holiday traditions / photo: Facebook

To celebrate, the signs of the day

In memory of Olga every year on July 24, churches hold vigil. Everyone name is Olga, you need to visit on this day the Church and pray for your health.

Especially revered Holy widows and mothers of sons. Pray for her increased faith, obereganii family from harm. Equal to the apostles Olga, you can ask about a successful marriage or return to the family “lost” their spouse.

If Olga’s Sunny, expect a good harvest, our ancestors believed.

The name day of Olga also note 10 February, 6 and 14 March, 17 July, 23 Nov.

Congratulations Olga

In the name Olga is the greatness, Holiness,

Since ancient times, it carries the glory.

You for all the family the joy and joy

All the respect for you and honor.

I wish great happiness,

In the heart of the always Frank spring.

Let your birthday party overnight

Come true the sweetest dreams!

Именины Ольги: чем особенный праздник

Congratulations on the Day of Saint Olga / photos Google images

Faye Reagan — the name just for you!

Very decent, proud, courageous!

All that you will take no loving,

Always turns out very skillfully!

Our pozdravom you, Olga, like this:

The light of his path Shine!

Few can compare with you.

So life but get high!


All the hearts of men to the pain

Conquers our Olga.

Charm charms,

And a smile will enchant.

To wish you, Princess,

We want two hundred percent,

Happiness women’s large,

As rings — so Golden,

If the stones are the diamonds.

That said, palmists,

Noted hand,

A sign of happiness and kindness.

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