The name of the new danger of sweet and fatty foods

Названа новая опасность сладкой и жирной пищи

Scientists have identified a new danger eating sweets

With this diet the human body is more susceptible to sepsis, claim scientists from the United States.

Eating foods that are high in fat and sugar may significantly increase the risk of death from sepsis. This is the conclusion reached by scientists at Portland state University.

U.S. researchers conducted experiments on mice. It turned out that the rodents who consumed a large amount of sweet and fatty foods, are much more likely to suffer from chronic inflammation and sepsis, including fatalities.

“This “diet” effect on the immune response so that the body is more susceptible to sepsis. And in the case of death occurred much faster,” – said the scientist Brooke Napier.

The data obtained can help in the treatment of various infectious diseases, because with their help it will be easier to control the diet of patients.

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