The names captured eight military

Названы имена попавших в плен восьми военных

One of the captured fighters

Ukrainian military truck deviated from the route and ended up on occupied territory.

Three days later, the network appeared the names of the eight military Operations of the United forces, who found themselves on the uncontrolled territory and was captured. The names of the soldiers published in Facebook Daria Andrusenko, Acotec.

According to her, in captivity “DNR” appeared:

  • Sergeant Bespalov Roman Vladimirovich (17.06.1981)
  • senior soldiers Pounder Boris I. (03.03.1965)
  • senior soldiers Goryainov M. A. (28.07.1984)
  • senior soldiers Duvanov Kim V. (25.11.1971)
  • senior soldiers Korsun Pavlo Y. (21.06.1982)
  • ensign Saidov Viktor (27.10.1970)
  • senior soldier Gamer Alexander (1994)
  • senior soldiers gordeychuk Yuri (25.09.1982)

Recall, may 22, at the headquarters of the FOS reported that in captivity were eight military – they are on the truck took a detour and ended up on occupied territory, where they were detained.

In “DNR” declare that the detained fighters were preparing sabotage on the uncontrolled territories and supposedly give confession.


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