The names of the consuls who have been expelled Kiev and Budapest

Стали известны имена консулов, которых высылают Киев и Будапешт

Ukraine and Hungary have sent consuls

Pavlo Klimkin told about the next appointment of the diplomat, which sent the Hungarian authorities.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine sends from the Hungarian Consul named Gyorgy Yours. On Thursday, October 4, reports European Pravda, citing an anonymous Hungarian diplomat.

It is noted that this diplomat took part in the ceremony of swearing in Hungarian citizens – in the scandalous video, you notice him with a glass of champagne in hand.

György Vass (transliterated as györgy) – one of the series, for Junior consular officers. Only the Hungarian Embassy in Berehove accredited seven consuls, including the head of consular establishment.

Стали известны имена консулов, которых высылают Киев и Будапешт


We also learned who sends Hungary back to Ukraine. According to the press Secretary of the foreign Ministry of the Mariana Betsy is the first Secretary of the Ukrainian Embassy in Hungary.

Betz noted that the employee of the Ukrainian Embassy is a diplomat, not only by the Consul, therefore, in the foreign Ministry believe, it is not a proportional response.

“This is a different category. This is not a consular officer is a diplomat working in the Embassy,” she explained.

The press Secretary added that the Ukrainian diplomat has not violated any rules of international law, including the Vienna Convention on consular relations.

Meanwhile, foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin has promised to employ in Uzhgorod, the Consul who expelled from Hungary.

“Our diplomat will give the Representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs in Uzhgorod, they definitely need strengthening”, – said Klimkin.

We will remind, earlier in a network there was video captured at the Consulate in Berehove, which shows a man who helps to take the oath, and a woman who instructs those who received passports of Hungary, to hide this fact from the Ukrainian authorities.

Earlier it became known that the Ambassador of Hungary in Ukraine Erno Keskeny Thursday, October 4, handed a note with the information that the Consul of Hungary in Beregovo must leave the territory of Ukraine within the next 72 hours.

Later Hungary announced the expulsion of a Consul of Ukraine.

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