The names of the hundred best young pilots of Ukraine, who will travel to London

Стали известны имена ста лучших молодых авиаторов Украины, которые отправятся в Лондон

April 12, the world day of aviation and cosmonautics, the Foundation of Boris Kolesnikov has summed up the results of the student’s educational project “the Aviator 2018”.

“Aviator 2018” was held for the seventh time and covered the 50 leading universities of Ukraine. Joined 8 200 contestants with technical specialties. Within six months, the contestants went through three stages of selection and presented own developments and start-UPS in the end of “the Aviator”.

The expert jury headed by the aircraft designer Dmitry Kiva said one hundred the best works and their authors. The Foundation’s President Boris Kolesnikov presented them with diplomas of winners of the project and congratulated them on a well-deserved reward – a trip to the international airforum Farnborough in the UK.

Стали известны имена ста лучших молодых авиаторов Украины, которые отправятся в Лондон



“I am very pleased with the level of preparation of students, their interest in “the Aviator”, business ideas. There are some of participants ‘ projects, which have practical application. These include work, where aviation works closely with the agricultural sector. For example, there are proposals to use drones that can help farmers farmers and it is relatively inexpensive. One of the contestants proposed to remove space debris. While our mayor can’t solve the problem of waste disposal on the Ground, pilots know how to get him in space. This is proof that our youth is ahead of the knowledge and skills of today’s individual representatives of public administration”, –said Boris Kolesnikov during the award ceremony for students at the Kyiv National aviation University.

Стали известны имена ста лучших молодых авиаторов Украины, которые отправятся в Лондон



According to statistics, the winner among the universities participating in “Aviator 2018” became the national aerospace University named after N. E. Zhukovsky “Khai”. This specialized school has given the greatest number of winners. Among the non-core universities, the leaders were: Donetsk national technical University (Pokrovsk), Zaporizhzhya national technical University (Zaporozhye) and the national technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. I. Sikorsky”.

One hundred of the best young pilots of Ukraine will play in London for four days. They expect familiarity with the latest developments in the global aerospace industry at the famous Farnborough air show, visiting stands and chalets airlines flagship aircraft, Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, Gulfstream, master classes of specialists. Also, the Ukrainian students will walk through the UK capital and will spend the day at the amusement Park.

Стали известны имена ста лучших молодых авиаторов Украины, которые отправятся в Лондон



“The contest “the Aviator” is a great chance to motivate yourself, give yourself a boost to professional growth. On specialized forums of the world to see what people have achieved and how they use it. I feel like during our upcoming trip as much as possible to absorb information, to communicate with experts of world level. It will be a great experience that I will be useful to work in the domestic aerospace industry”, –said the winner of the competition Oleg Mikhaylyutenko.

Recall that in the current academic year, Borys Kolesnikov implements six educational contests for students in Ukraine. “Agro 2018”, “Food technology 2018”, “2018 Architect”, “Marine-2018”, “2018 Railroad” and “Programmer 2018” is intended to support talented young people and to show her best profile exhibitions around the world. Until may 1 on the Foundation’s website is registration in the project for the it Department, “Programmer 2018” tour in Japan.