The names of the soldiers killed yesterday during attack

Yesterday during attack of fighters from shrapnel wounds killed soldiers of the 72nd brigade Alexander Kirienko of the city Desna Chernihiv oblast and a resident of Uman Basil Nizhenskogo. This is stated on page 72 Hombre Facebook.

According to the report, the soldiers were assigned to 72ะพ-y Hombre, and for two months of service, made a good showing.

“Alexander Kirienko only a few days ago turned 20 years: conscript, he could never come here, one of the most dangerous sections of the front. But, as a true patriot and a man signed a contract and became, together with other Heroes in defense of the Fatherland.

Basil Nizhenskogo was 28 years old, and to war he went, to protect from enemy invasion beloved wife and children”, – stated in the message.

Earlier press center ATO reported on page in Facebook that for the last day the most difficult was the situation at the Donetsk direction. All fighters 47 times fired at positions of the APU. Two Ukrainian soldiers were killed and another eight injured.

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