The NASA record close to the Sun

Зонд NASA рекордно близко подошел к Солнцу

Parker Solar Probe close to the Sun at a record distance

Apparatus Solar Probe Parker, who was sent on an exploratory mission to the Sun, close to a record distance.

Research NASA broke the record for closest approach to the Sun. It is reported by the space Agency on the official website.

Parker Solar Probe close to the Sun less than 42,73 million kilometers. Such was the record at the device Helios 2 in 1976. While Parker is in orbit around the Sun seven years, if the earlier does not fail.

Touch Of The Sun. The landmark mission of the probe Parker

During this time, the probe will be able to change many orbits. It is assumed that one of them will pass at a distance of 6.16 million km from the star.

Two records in one day! At about 10:54 p.m. EDT, #ParkerSolarProbe surpassed 153,454 miles per hour, making it the fastest-ever human-made object relative to the Sun. This breaks the record set by Helios 2 in 1976:

— NASA Sun & Space (@NASASun) 30 Oct 2018

Also Parker Solar Probe set the record relative to the Sun – more 246,960 km/h. it is Expected that by 2024, the probe reaches the speed of approximately 692 000 km/h.

NASA launched a probe to the Sun in August 2018. During this time, the probe managed to overcome the path from Earth to the star. On the eve of the Parker Solar Probe showed the Earth from a distance of 43 million kilometers.

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