The national Bank announced the creation of a credit registry

Нацбанк анонсировал создание кредитного реестра

The national Bank of Ukraine

The Bank will collect information about the quality of borrowers-legal entities.

The national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) in 2017 will begin the formation of a credit registry, though the bill the deputies have not yet adopted.

In an interview, FinClub, said Director of financial stability Department of the NBU Vitaly vavrischuk.

According to the representative of the financial regulator, create the registry, the national Bank may without the law, and how the regulator can require banks to fill it. However, the banks to give the information from the credit register will not be able until legislation is passed.

Credit register of the NBU will be similar to the private credit Bureau with a rate on loans of legal entities In the credit registry, banks will be able to see the loan service of their loans in other banks.

To form a register promise to start next year.

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