The national Bank is suing Kolomoisky over 10 billion debt

Нацбанк судится с Коломойским из-за 10 млрд долгов

The national Bank has filed new lawsuits against Kolomoisky

The Central Bank filed in the Swiss and Ukrainian courts, lawsuits aimed at the repayment of debt under five credit contracts.

National Bank has filed claims in courts in Switzerland and Ukraine against the former shareholder of PrivatBank Igor Kolomoisky, reported the press service of the NBU on Monday, June 11.

“Court cases related to the implementation Igor Kolomoisky its obligations provided for in 2016 personal guarantees in favor of the National Bank. The purpose of lawsuits is to ensure the repayment of refinancing loans that the national Bank provided PrivatBank between 2008 and 2015. In General, the claims directed to the repayment of debt under five credit contracts for the sum about 10 billion UAH”, – stated in the message.

The first lawsuit was filed in the court of first instance in Geneva (at the place of residence Kolomoisky), and a second set of lawsuits in the Economic court of Dnipropetrovsk region (by location of property of the former shareholder).

It is noted that PrivatBank received refinancing loans from the national Bank under the provision of the guarantees provided personally Kolomoisky.

However, PrivatBank actually couldn’t pay back these loans, causing the Bank was nationalized at the price of considerable cost equivalent to 5% of GDP.

Earlier it was reported that the national Bank lost ex-owners of PrivatBank court of the ski resort Bukovel.


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