The national Bank of Poland: the labor force of Ukraine is required

Нацбанк Польши: Рабочая сила из Украины необходима

The Polish national Bank is waiting for the Ukrainians

The head of the national Bank of Poland Adam Glapinski believes that Poland needed labor force from Ukraine. Ukrainians compensate for the country’s high unemployment rate.

To ensure and maintain economic growth in Poland, the necessary labor force from Ukraine. This was stated by the Chairman of the National Bank of Poland Adam Glapinski.

The head of the Polish regulator noted that his priority remains the issue of creating enough of favorable conditions for attraction of relatively cheap labor from neighboring Ukraine and Belarus.

According to Papanskogo, despite sustained economic growth and reducing unemployment in Poland in recent years, the country was keenly aware of the lack of qualified personnel.

So, in December of last year, the unemployment rate in Poland amounted to 6.6%, while GDP growth, according to analysts, reached the level of 4.5%.

However, despite considerable GDP growth, the country has felt the effect of such negative factors as population aging and migration of young professionals to richer countries of Western Europe.

According to official data, the country with a population of 38 million people are only 16 million poles.

Why, said the head of the Polish Central Bank, the influx of cheap labor from Ukraine and Belarus partly compensate for the lack of cadres among the population.

At the same time, Glapinski expressed concern that the liberalization of the visa regime between the EU and Ukraine may lead to the fact that Ukrainian migrant workers will choose to work more than the rich European countries, as does the youth in Poland.

Now on the Polish labour market employed from 1 to 1.5 million Ukrainian citizens, out of which many operate illegally without permits.

According to estimates of the Polish Union of entrepreneurs and employers, which was done two years ago, Poland must be at least 5 million additional workers to ensure stable economic growth.

We will remind, the Polish government refused to accept refugees under new resettlement programme in the EU, as the country is already a lot of Ukrainians.

According to the materials of Deutsche Welle