The national Bank of Ukraine increased its assets

Нацбанк Украины нарастил активы


Own capital of the Central Bank at the beginning of July was 168,89 billion.

Assets of the National Bank of Ukraine for six months in 2017 rose by 32.74 billion, with 940,58 billion to 973,32 billion. A report on the financial condition, the NBU published on the website of the regulator.

As explained in the report, the growth of assets is due to growth of international reserves of Ukraine by 16% to 17.9 billion dollars. Also, banks continue to service its debts to the NBU for refinancing loans. So, for 6 months of the current year debt decreased by 2.66 billion (a net repayment of portfolio % to 9.41 billion) to 32.7 billion.

At the same time, liabilities of the National Bank grew by 11.47 billion with 792,95 billion to 804,43 billion. The increase of liabilities occurred primarily due to the increase of the NBU liabilities to the IMF (excluding payment of contributions under the quota) by 25.72 billion due to the receipt in April of the fourth tranche of the EFF program-2015 in the amount of $ 1 billion.

This decreases the level of commitment for Deposit certificates issued by the National Bank. As of July 1, they amounted to 53.65 billion hryvnia, whereas in the beginning of the year it reached 68,17 billion. Own capital of the Central Bank at the beginning of July was 168,89 billion.

Earlier it was reported that overdue loans on behalf of the Fund of guaranteeing deposits of individuals of Ukraine will sell in the U.S. specialized sites First Financial Network and The Debt Exchange, Inc.