The national Bank on increase of the minimal salary: Experiment

Нацбанк о повышении минималки: Эксперимент

The national Bank called the experiment a sharp increase in the minimum wage

The sharp increase in the minimum wage creates certain risks, but can also bring positive effects.

The sharp increase in the minimum wage from the first of January is an experiment, which hopefully can be repeated in the future on a smaller scale, the report said the NBU on financial stability.

It is noted that rescobie increase creates certain risks.

At the same time, the national Bank allows the possibility of substantial positive effects of this step in the form of partial shadowing of wages in the private sector, improving living standards and improve the solvency of households.

Earlier, the national Bank announced that raising the minimum wage would add to inflation next year to 1 percentage point, and GDP growth up to 0.5 percentage points

Previously, the Finance Ministry told where the money for minimal.

In addition, Groisman said that the increase in the minimal wage will not raise prices.