The national Bank said the growth of the monetary base

Нацбанк заявил о росте денежной базы

In NBU reported that the amount of cash in circulation for the year increased by 33 billion UAH

In December the monetary base grew by 0.8%, according to the National Bank.

In December, the monetary base includes cash in circulation outside banks and vault cash of banks and other money, increased by 0.8% with 432,527 billion UAH as of 1 December until 435,797 billion UAH on 1 January. This was announced by the national Bank, writes the UNN on Monday, January 14.

It is noted that in 2018, the monetary base grew by 9.2% 399,1 billion.

Money supply in December increased by 3.9% from 1 228,8 billion UAH on 1 December until 1 276,2 billion UAH on 1 January.

The volume of cash in circulation, according to the operative data of the NBU, in December grew by 3.8% 351,5 billion UAH on 1 December to 364,8 billion hryvnia in January 1, 2018 – increased by 9.7% from 332,546 billion.

In 2017, the monetary base increased by 4.6% from 381,6 billion.

In 2017, the money supply increased by 9.6% from 1 102,7 billion.

We will remind, in October the monetary base grew by 0.2% to 425,018 billion on November 1.

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