The national Commission on tariffs States on the establishment of common rules in the electricity market

“We give the market the predictability that was not there before, because there was no relationship between tariff setting, thermal power plants in Ukraine, the price of coal in Ukraine and the international coal prices, and now this relationship is established”, – such opinion was expressed by the head of the national Commission for regulation in energy and utilities Dmitry Vovk, writes “UNIAN”.

“The API2 index does not cause problems for anyone who works in the sector. Because this index is key for Europe. This delivery on CIF basis with calorific value 6 thousand calories. 90% of the derivatives traded on the basis of API2. API2 is updated on a weekly basis McCloskey international company, which covers almost all energy markets worldwide,” explained Vovk.

According to Dmitry Vovk, the API2 index is the most relevant for Europe. It consists of a mix of a number of coal suppliers, which includes continental and delivery, and delivered by sea.

“If to speak about further steps in the liberalization of the market, the key will be the adoption of the law on the electricity market. Also connected with it the adoption of secondary legislation by the Commission. The Commission before the adoption of the law started writing secondary legislation. Helps us Slovak regulator, which won the tender for technical support of the Commission. They on a regular basis are with us and advise on the development of secondary legislation”, – said Vovk.

Recall from 1 may, the Cabinet of Ministers introduced a single wholesale price for natural gas supplied to the population, budget and industrial businesses with thermal energy (TKE), to economically reasonable level. In April, the regulator (the national Commission) approved market methods of calculation of the wholesale price of electricity, which is based on the European index prices of coal.