The national Commission wants to increase the price of electricity

Нацкомиссия хочет повысить цену на электроэнергию

The national Commission, carrying out state regulation in energy and utilities, plans from 1 April 2017 to increase the wholesale market price of electricity by 1% instead of the previously approved reduction of 5.8%. This is stated in the materials of the Commission for the meeting of March 23.

According to the materials, the price of the II-IV quarters is expected to be approved in the amount of 1354,98 UAH/MWh (excluding VAT).

As explained by the head of the Commission Dmitry Vovk on his page in Facebook, a price increase due to the need to ensure stable operation of the country’s power grid, which will require imports of thermal coal abroad.

“The apparent today is the shortage of coal (and natural gas) and the need to purchase it abroad at a price of $100/ton”, – he wrote.

In the draft decision the Commission notes that the forecast balance of electricity in 2017, approved March 3, involves the consumption of TPPs the country’s 26 million 541,6 thousand tons of coal. Including its imports this year is expected to reach 5.6 million tons, including in the II-IV quarters – 5,302 million tons.

Note, the wholesale market price of electricity affects the establishment of tariffs for industrial consumers.

As reported, Ukraine from March 1, has raised electricity tariffs to UAH 1.68.

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