The national Council has threatened sanctions inter

Нацсовет пригрозил Интеру санкциями

Four channels of Inter Media group does not adhere to the requirements of linguistic quotas, said the national Council.

National Council on television and radio broadcasting gave 1 month group Inter Media on the implementation of language quotas. As the head of the national Council Yuriy Artemenko, otherwise sanctions will be applied.

“We checked all media groups, but only inter does not adhere to the requirements,” said Artemenko.

So, according to the channel “inter” was recognized as a violation of the language quotas in broadcasting.

“To oblige the licensee PJSC “Channel “inter”, Kiev, Ukraine, within one month from the date of this decision, to bring their activities into compliance with the requirements of the current legislation”, – stated in the decision of the national Council.

Recall, Poroshenko has signed the law on introduction of quotas for Ukrainian language television on 6 June.