The national Council will deal with TV channels for violations of new year’s eve

Нацсовет разберется с телеканалами за нарушения в новогоднюю ночь

New year’s eve, there have been numerous violations on TV

At the next meeting the Council is preparing a “debriefing” on various occasions.

The Ukrainian television new year’s eve were violations of the requirements of the law on language quotas on TV. The national Council on television and radio broadcasting is going to arrange for him a “debriefing”. About this on air of channel 5 said the Chairman of the National Council of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting Yuri Artemenko

According to the head of the national Council, violations of the norms of law and morality made, many channels.

“It was incitement to hatred through the sexism… was leading that in almost a drunken state expressed their thoughts,” said Artemenko in the air “5 channel”.

Also, according to him, the new year’s eve on TV revealed a number of legal conflicts that can not be solved without the participation of the Verkhovna Rada.

This collision Artemenko described on the example of the film the Irony: in the movie starred people from the “black list”, but on the other hand the film was made before 1991 and not subject to legislative prohibition. “There is a conflict of laws, and Parliament should decide, what laws have the priority”, – explained the head of the national Council.

Previously, the national Council claimed that Ukrainian TV channels are exceeding the law on quotas for Ukrainian-language content.

We will remind, earlier a number of radio stations are not allowed to increase the quota of Ukrainian-language songs.