The national guard explained the withdrawal of Azov city of Mariupol

В Нацгвардии объяснили отвод Азова из Мариуполя

Azov regiment withdrawn from Mariupol

Conclusion Azov explained the regrouping of forces to gain control over the Azov coast.

Part of the Azov regiment were withdrawn from Mariupol in connection with the planned regrouping of forces to gain control over the Azov coast. This was reported by press service of the national guard.

“In the ATO conducted a planned regrouping of forces and means of the national guard. With the purpose of strengthening of control of the Azov coast, to prevent the penetration of sabotage and reconnaissance groups part of a separate group of a special purpose of military unit 3057 “Azov” was deployed to perform tasks in this direction”, – noted in the NSU.

According to the national guard, a separate detachment of special purpose Azov continues to perform the tasks envisaged by law of Ukraine.

“The quantitative and qualitative composition of NSU in Mariupol is not reduced, which allows to maintain the defenses of the city at a high level”, – assured service in the national guard.

On the eve it became known that a separate special forces detachment of the national guard under Azov withdrawn from Mariupol to Zaporizhzhia region. Azov said that does not rule out “the fighters are taken, so as not to interfere to take positions and entire cities”.

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