The national police said, where he is now in Kiev, repair of the road

В Нацполиции рассказали, где сейчас в Киеве ремонтируют дороги

Management of safety of traffic of the National police of Ukraine has published on its website a list of the repair work in the Central part of Kiev.

So, the repairs of the road network of the capital are on such streets in the following terms:

1. bulv. Shevchenko (from I. Franko street to street Pirogova) (closed two right lanes in the direction of Victory square) – work with 30.03.2016 on 01.07.2016;

2. Basseynaya street (on a site from street to Esplanadna street Hospital), closed to traffic extreme right lane – with 08.04.2016 for 08.05.2016;

3. Vasilkovskaya str. (from PL to PL. Goloseevskaya Amur) in the direction from PL to PL. Goloseevskaya Amur overlap of three lanes – the works of 12/2015 the on 12.2016 (reconstruction of streets).

4. Bozhenko (Malevich) – Laboratory building – work with 28.04.2016 on 01.05.2016 (dismantling tower crane);

5. glybochitskaya str – ascension descent (on both sides of the street in the far right lanes (the arrangement of observation wells ) – work from 12.05.2014 to 31.12.2016 (construction (reconstruction) of the sewer, the installation of temporary fencing);

6. St. Cherkasy – work with 06.11.2015 at 06.05.2016 (full overlap of the roadway);

7. St. Kirpa (from Lipkovskaya street to street Kudryashova and Lipkovskaya street from South station) (from St. Lipkovskaya in the direction prosp. povitroflotskiy centerline of the roadway) – work with 08.08.2015 in 08.07.2016.

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In national police ask drivers to be understanding to temporary inconveniences and to avoid problem areas.

“Please note that these restrictions will be in effect all the time on repairs, so please be attentive and careful to observe traffic rules, signals, controllers, and requirements of road signs, especially temporary” – it is told in the message.

We will remind, yesterday, on April 27, the center of Kiev stood in traffic due to 14 road accidents and repairs. According to the service “Yandex.Congestion, congestion of the capital at 16:00 that day was 5 points out of a possible 10.