The national security Council want to reassign Ukroboronprom

В СНБО хотят переподчинить Укроборонпром

The Ukroboronprom nacelles reform

The company is waiting for optimization, has appointed a new Director, who forms a new team.

The Secretary of national security and defense Council (NSDC) Oleksandr danylyuk is proposing to change the shareholder’s state concern Ukroboronprom.

As noted by danyluk in an interview with Radio Liberty now the function of a shareholder of the company performs the Cabinet of Ministers.

“My position is actually that the Cabinet may not be a shareholder, any one of the ministries shall be a shareholder. The Ministry of defence is the best option that we talked. This variant also ensures an appropriate relationship with the President,” – said the NSDC Secretary.

Danyluk also said that the company is waiting for optimization.

“Now appointed a new head, so now he forms a new team who understand how to build processes. Is a very serious optimization. “Ukroboronprom” will work in the interests of the state. A relatively old idea – to eliminate not eliminate. See: state-owned enterprises in the end what does not work – must be eliminated, but that will remain and will be the backbone of a new “Ukroboronprom”, – he said.

Recall that the former Minister of economy aivaras Abromavicius was appointed head of Ukroboronprom.