The national team of Ukraine on beach football has won the Euroleague

Сборная Украины по пляжному футболу выиграла этап Евролиги

Ukrainian beachgoers had no equal in Germany.

The national team of Ukraine on beach football became the winner of the second stage of Euroleague, which was held in German Warnemunde.

Our players defeated the national team of Italy (3:2), Germany (2:1) and Azerbaijan (4:3) and won the stage the highest number of points after three matches.

The most valuable player of the German stage is recognized as the Roman Pachev, and the other player of the Ukrainian team of Maxim Vostok with three goals was the best scorer.

In the super final of the Euroleague, which will be held from 14 to 17 September in the Italian Spa town of Terracina, the national team of Ukraine will play in group b with the teams of Belarus, Russia and Italy. In group A the teams will meet Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Poland.

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