The nationalization of PrivatBank: what awaits investors

Национализация Приватбанка: что ждет вкладчиков

PrivatBank guarantees to clients safety of funds.

Privat customers will not lose their investments after the nationalization of financial institutions. This was announced by first Deputy of PrivatBank Oleg Gorokhovsky on his page in Facebook.

“With your money on current, Deposit, card accounts of individuals and legal entities, with investments in Service profitable investments, nothing will happen. This was a key condition of the talks about the change of ownership. The Bank will continue to operate in standard mode. The carriage turn into a pumpkin by midnight. It’s not a pig in a poke”, – he wrote.

Gorokhovsky noted that PrivatBank was in need of recapitalization and improvement of collateral for loans. According to him, the Bank had a plan to improve the situation painted until 2018, but he’s not managed to survive under information attacks.

“We went through seven information attacks. Each attack led to the outflow of funds of individuals and corporate clients. Each of these attacks would have been fatal to any other Bank. The most powerful was the last attack. Every day we updated the records for the amount of money issued by frightened customers ATMs and branches. Our ATM network last days were given over 2 billion a day. Despite the fact that previous records barely 1.5 billion in peak days,” he wrote.

According to Gorokhovsky, when the Bank realized it could not survive the situation, it was decided to ask for nationalization.

The nationalization of PrivatBank: chronicle of events

Recall, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a decision to move 100% of the shares in a Bank in the state. The transition period will begin on December 19.

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