The nationalization of Private restructured approves Ukraine – Arbuzov

Национализация Привата изменила структуру финсистемы Украины – Арбузов

ATM PrivatBank

The banking system of Ukraine is rapidly removed from Europe, said the former head of the national Bank.

The decision of the NBU and the government on the nationalization of PrivatBank to change radically the structure of the financial system of Ukraine, it is distant from Europe. About this on his page in Facebook wrote ex-head of NBU, former first Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Arbuzov.

“When the Private became public, the share of deposits in state banks jumped by 2.7 times, to 59%. Now, more than half (52%) of assets of banks owned and run by the most inefficient government since independence,” – said Arbuzov.

He stressed that since the crisis the role of the state grew from the European level (11-16% of its assets in Central Europe, 17% in Ukraine of 2013), to the level of Russia, which have a specific structure of the economy.

In this Arbuzov recalled that early this year the Ministry of Finance has adopted a reform Strategy for the public banking sector, including a reduction in the role of the state.

“It provided for the establishment of privatization in 2018-2019 system banks and “increase their value banks to taxpayers.” The latter sounds like a farce, because of the infusion of capital in Private every economically active Ukrainians will pay about 6 thousand hryvnias. Plus everything he had already paid in the form of inflation, devaluation and stolen deposits,” wrote Watermelons.

Recall that the world Bank considers correct the decision of the government of Ukraine on the nationalization of PrivatBank. Before the nationalization of PrivatBank approved the European Bank for reconstruction and development and the European Union.

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