The NBU counted seven troubled banks

В НБУ насчитали семь проблемных банков

Seven Ukrainian banks have not fulfilled the plan for recapitalization

In Ukraine, seven banks did not fulfill the plan of recapitalization.

Seven Ukrainian banks as of Wednesday, 11 October, no registered Charter capital by UAH 200 million. This writes FinClub.

According to the Ministry, the authorized capital less than 200 million UAH from the Bank Center Credit Optima Bank, Ukrainian Bank of reconstruction and development (the Charter capital of 120 million UAH), Alpari Bank (UAH 122 million), Ayboks Bank (122,45 million UAH), the Portal of the Bank (125 million UAH), Polikombank (145 million UAH).

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in Ukraine, only 18 banks banks implemented the plan on capitalization.