The NBU counted six troubled banks

В НБУ насчитали шесть проблемных банков

The NBU had a diagnosis of Ukrainian banks

Rozhkova said that six banks had not fulfilled the requirements for capitalization.

In Ukraine, six banks still had not complied with the requirements for capital increase to 200 million, thereby violating the requirements of the national Bank. On Wednesday, October 4, Deputy head of the NBU Ekaterina Rozhkova, speaking at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on financial policy and banking activity, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

“If to speak about the requirement of bringing the authorized capital to 200 million UAH, that six banks today have not implemented it,” – said Rozhkov.

Deputy head of the NBU also said that the regulator allows the revision of the schedule of capitalization of banks.

“At the present time, the national Bank is negotiating with the IMF regarding the possible revision of the schedule increasing the minimum level of Charter capital,” – said Rozhkov.

According to her, the diagnosis was carried out in 37 small and small banks.

“After diagnosis, two of the Bank was declared insolvent, two ceased operations, the remaining 33 did not require capitalization, based on the quality of assets,” – said the Deputy head of the national Bank.

As reported, in August there were ten of Ukrainian banks, which are not coped with the task of the national Bank to increase its Charter capital up to UAH 200 million.