The NBU has lifted some exchange controls for investors

НБУ снял некоторые валютные ограничения для инвесторов

The national Bank has cancelled a number of currency restrictions for investors

National Bank lifted the limit on the repatriation of funds from the sale of securities. Previously, the limit was 5 million euros per month.

The national Bank of Ukraine has removed the monthly limit of € 5 million on the repatriation of funds from the sale of securities. This reports the press service of the NBU on Monday, September 9.

For foreign investors the national Bank lifted a limit of 5 million euros per month on the repatriation of funds from the sale of securities, corporate rights, and the funds obtained by reducing the authorised capitals of legal entities.

In addition, they expanded the list of operations allowed on non-resident accounts – accounts of non-residents allowed the transfer of funds in UAH received as dividends, interest income on securities and other income on the objects of property rights in Ukraine.

The NBU emphasize that this liberalization will allow residents flexibility to manage own funds both in foreign currency and in local currency. It is expected that the simplification of these procedures will facilitate the inflow of investments.

Earlier, SBI said that during the year the hryvnia has appreciated by almost 13%.

It was also reported that the national Bank called the timing of IMF mission arrival.

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