The NBU is called the number of victims from the attacks of banks

В НБУ назвали количество пострадавших от атаки банков

Only affected about 30 of the banking institutions

From the attack of virus Petya.A affected about 30 banking institutions. In an interview with channel 5 said the Deputy head of the NBU Ekaterina Rozhkova.

“He suffered about 30 banking institutions. The degree of damage is different. Because this virus is known to work in such a way that it causes damage to personal computers. So, depending on how quickly the responded information security services to banks, disconnected from the public network, so these losses were minimal”, – said Rozhkov.

In addition, the Deputy head of the NBU said that you need to do to avoid further situations.

“First, it is technical equipment. No need to feel sorry for money for acquisition of various programs that you want to sort, prevent, etc., and secondly, the issues of work with personnel. People should not open unknown files,” said Rozhkov.

Also, according to her, banks is important for the separation of operating systems and systems that do not require inclusion in the operating system.

“If you’re going to share, in case your personal computer will suffer, it will not affect the main system, which stores the main files” – poditozhil Rozhkova.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in Russia believe that computers in Ukraine now threaten even the Amateur hacker attack.

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