The NBU promised to accept bitcoin

НБУ пообещал признать биткоин

The NBU does not know what to do with bitcoin

But do it only after European banks.

The national Bank will focus on other European Central banks regarding the recognition of bitcoin. This was stated by the head of projects and programmes of the Department of public markets, the NBU Enamel, Bakhtari, reports Left Bank.

According to him, in Europe there is no consensus on how to act with cryptocurrencies.

“Each country has a different relationship. Prohibits someone, someone controls, someone at all does not regulate. The definitions are also completely different, ranging from price and ending investment asset, an intangible asset. Some call money, someone tender, someone means of payment. That is a lot of options. We look at them, we analyze, we monitor what is closest, with the position of the European regulators,” he said.

Thus, Bakhtari personally believes bitcoin is unreliable.

Earlier, the NBU said that can not accept cryptocurrency currency and warns of risks of fraud.

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