The NBU said about the popular scheme of a robbery of safety Deposit boxes

В НБУ рассказали о популярной схеме ограбления банковских ячеек

The NBU has described the common method of robbing a Bank of cells

Thus robbed several banks in Kiev and Lviv.

The national Bank sent banks a telegram in which he described the most popular among criminals scheme for robbing the Bank of cells. It is reported UBR.

Reportedly, the scheme is quite simple: an attacker under the guise of a client on a false passport in the Bank leases individual safety Deposit box. As soon as he gets into the vault where all of the cells, the con artist begins to match it with the keys. When he does, he takes everything of value (most often this is money and precious metals, rare – secret documents), and leaves the Bank.

It is reported that the scheme robbed a few banks in Kiev about a year ago: Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Policombank.

But the scandal broke out after opening several safes in the Vector Bank. Then the victims said the theft of about $350 thousand, And even filed a lawsuit with the requirement to indemnify a loss to Vadim Berezovikov, which at the time of the robbery was the head of this financial institution. Because his subordinates violated not one, but even a few rules for the provision of rental services of safety Deposit boxes. The fact of violations was confirmed by the result of the check of the national Bank.

However, the reason for the letter, the NBU became not Kievan history and the new Lviv. The national Bank asked the investigators from the city with information on the implementation of the pre-trial investigation of the kidnapping of leased cells of cash and valuables.

As reported, in Kiev, arrested a serial Bank robber.

Earlier in Kiev from the Bank took one hundred thousand.